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Since I've been M.I.A. for a while, this is a good way to reconnect and find new friends!

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This week's special guest host is the lovely Lydia from Still On The Verge.

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A late Meet Me on Monday - 12th Editon

Hosted @ Never Growing Old

1. What is your favorite kind of potato chip?
2. Do you make your bed everyday?
3. How often do you go to the hair salon?
4. What do you dip your French fries in?
5 Do you shop with coupons?

  1. Pringles. McDo's French Fries ( though I'm trying to cut down on these).  Shakey's Mojos (...these one, too!)
  2. Nope, not everyday. A made bed is so...boring (maybe I've got a twisted mind) so I make it a point to ruffle my bed a little before going out.
  3. I go for a hot oil once in a while.
  4. Tomato ketchup (catsup?)
  5. Not as often as I should.

Manic Monday #220

Another Manic Monday !

What are the values you cherish even though they may run counter to societal values? I cherish integrity and honesty, most of all.

Mondays make me wish I am an energizer bunny so I can finish all my backlogs!

If you were to publish a book about yourself, what would you title it? "Living life out of the box"

Meaning of life

Someone shared this link on my Facebook and I thought you would love to see this, too:

I even took down a list. I realized, yeah, I still need to work on some (those in bold font) and maybe the mojo would show up!

  • show up

  • follow your heart

  • find a new perspective

  • have a sense of wonder

  • find people you love

  • set goals

  • help others

  • dance

  • pamper yourself

  • face your fears

  • go to a museum

  • exercise

  • limit television

  • get in touch with nature

  • lighten up

  • get a good night's sleep

  • read books

  • buy yourself flowers

  • don"t compare yourself with others

  • don't beat yourself up

  • be open to new ideas

  • don't focus on negative thoughts

  • focus on creating what you desire

  • make time just to have fun

  • keep the romance in your life

  • make a gratitude list

  • love your Mother Earth

  • want what you have

  • be true to yourself

  • --xoxo--

    I want my mojo back!

    Have you seen my mojo? I think I lost it.

    That's why I've been a bad blogger for weeks -- zero posts in the last 2 weeks, neglecting my commenting duties, going off without so much as a "see ya!"...

    Yep, that's me. I woke up one morning and I felt....FLAT. Uninspired. Tired, maybe?

    Oh, well. I know that this is just an aberration, a phase that anyone goes through. I think this why some people say life is a roller-coaster ride -- there's a moment of rest before it swings you up again!


    please bear with me :)