Anyone wants $10 in Paypal cash?

Then go and visit Cean's $10 PayPal giveaway  over @ 'cuz she's giving away $10 via Paypal to celebrate her birthday last June 18! 

This is her way of checking out Rafflecopter too, an application to help publishers/bloggers to run and manage their giveaways.

Last day to enter: 29 June 2011.

Winner would be announce on 30 June 2011.


I ♥ PostSecret

I have PostSecret in my Google Reader and once in a while there is some secret in there that speaks to me. It's like, I can say "yeah. yeah, me too," . 

It must be so liberating to finally divulge your darkest, deepest secret to the world!


Today, here is what I found:


My Life in Six Words

I'm at the office , slaving away.

Having coffee on a rainy day!

You forgot to return my heart.


Do you have something to say in just six words? 
Go and visit Cate @ Show My Face to tell and share! 


The first line is what I'm doing today.
The second, what I SHOULD be doing today
The third one is something SOMEONE should have done before he said goodbye :(

Blogelina and other ♥ hops ♥

It seems I heart♥♥♥ blogging communities lately. Now I'm signing up at Blogelina, a wonderful blogging resource site  for the launch of their NEW Online Rewards Community. Great prizes await the top 10 members with the highest points! This is going to be FUN so come on over and join me! 

Now, on to bloghops! 


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Relax & Surf Sunday

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5Q Fridays

1. What is your favorite summer time activity?One of my summer activity is swimming, what else? :) We are near the Pansol, Calamba City area, the haven for  resorts and private pools here in Southern Luzon. 

2. Do you have one laundry soap you stick to, or do you buy whatever's on sale?
Next to price, I check if it's biodegradable.

3. What is your favorite dinner to make in the summer?
I like BBQ during camping and nature trips.

4. Do you have any talents?
Procrastination? LOL

5. If you could instantly be an expert in something, what would it be? Why?

I'd like to be a mentalist. I want to read minds. Better yet, bend them. 


Claiming my Blog via Bloglovin'

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Blogthings: Weird

You Are Optimistic

For you, almost anything can be a form of artistic expression. And you're always ready to express yourself.

For you, second place is just as bad as losing. You are embarrassed when you don't win.

You are warmhearted and enthusiastic. You're the first to go along with a new idea or plan.

You are always looking to spice up your circle of friends, and you'll welcome almost anyone new into your life.


I LIKE Measure my Love Necklace and a pair of Flower Earrings


Time for giveaway stuff! 

Once in a while, I like to try my luck with online contests and giveaways just for the the heck of it because it is fun to get something pretty for FREE! :)

Today Pouring Sentiments is giving away this pretty Measure my Love Necklace and a pair of Flower Earrings sponsored by Cherry Blossom, a great online jewelry shop.

This is an international giveaway until 30 June only.


TCP #93 - Dreamgirls

This is the June 14th edition of Tuesday Couch Potatoes  

This week's theme:  Divas Turned Actresses

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The 2006 film adaptation of the Broadway musical of the same title, Dreamgirls stars Jamie Foxx (Curtis Taylor, Jr), BeyoncĂ© Knowles (as Deena Jones), Eddie Murphy (as James "Thunder" Early), and Jennifer Hudson (as Effie White).

if you love motown music, then this movie is for you. I especially loved Jennhifer Hudson's Effie White character.

next TCP theme (June 21 edition) : A Nicole Kidman Movie

Follow me Back Tuesday

It's hopping time :)

Follow Me Back Tuesday

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I wish I could be as brave as you.

TXJ34 Brave Kitty [Picture]
Daily Dose of Cute

I wish I could be brave as you

unmoved, unafraid of the fall

Easy way to share my mobile pix!

I found an easy and fast way to send photos to mobile phones!

S3M.IN can help share files to friends and family's mobile phones without connecting to a PC. All I have to do is provide my mobile number, select my files, add caption, send it to another mobile number.

Thankful for Friends Thursday

It's been a rainy week here and everything is cold and damp! But still there are a lot to be thankful for like the sweltering heat is gone for a while and  the mosquitoes at the swamp at the back of my apartment is not a-buzzing (water flodded the swamp and the ricefield beyond).


It's Thursday and it's time for bloghops! Yay! Bloghopping is a fun activity if you're looking to discover great blogs and friends! All you have to do is follow the host/s of the bloghop and get over and visit as many blogs as you like. Just make sure to let them know what you think in the comment section. Follow and you might get a follow back!

Fun in the Sun

Do you see that bit of yellow? That was poor Pooh buoy almost mangled by little boys and girls having fun in the pool!

This was taken last week when our work department had our summer outing that almost turned to a kids' party. :)

If you wish to see lots of yellow, come and visit Mellow Yellow Monday!

FFI - Caught in the middle

It's Friday Fill In and feels good to be back to blogging once again! we go!

1. Hey! Wake up.

2. There must be a kernel of truth somewhere in your wild ramblings.

3. Eat well, sleep well.

4. Caught in the middle.

5. First thing to note: quality of one's handshake.
6. Spoiled to distraction.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to catching up on my sleep :) Mr. Teddy called and we talked till 3am , tomorrow my plans include finishing off my laundry (it's been raining since last week) and Sunday, I want to start cleaning out my closet!


I've got my Page Rank back!

It's just today that I bravely checked my pagerank since I got the gray bar last year :(

Now it's back to 3! Yay!

Being such a noob, I thought Mr G has penalized me by puting up too much ad on the site so I took them all down.

Then I discovered how dead and broken links affect one's standing with search engines. True enough, when I used a broken link checker (free, of course!), there are a lot of broken links in my old posts that I need to clean up!

Anyhow, I'm so glad that I have it back! You can check it out on my sidebar just below the search box.

Happy Friday!