Couponing for Dummies

Have you ever tried using coupons when doing a purchase in supermarkets or the mall?

Well, I remember the first time I presented a coupon to the cashier, I was nervous as hell because I was thinking, what if the cashier declined the coupon because there was something I missed in the small letters at the bottom -- the expiration maybe? What if I don't have enough cash in case the coupon is not valid and there is a long line waiting? But now, with the present state of the economy, I've become quite an expert :). A 10% to 20% discount is a great help. All I need is a confident smile and a few effective tips and tricks :

Look for coupons in newspapers, magazines, and in-store, in flyer given on the street.Check them carefully and keep only those you think you need. Couponing is a marketing/sales tool used by many establishments to get customers. So a smart shopper must know first the product's normal price so you will know that you are really getting the real discounted price. 
  • I use cut-out coupons on food items on supermarkets, food stores, and pharmacies. These establishments periodically issues coupons especially when you make an initial purchase. Coupons is a marketing strategy also to get customer loyalty.
Look for them online. Shopping online is a lot more fun when a coupon code can be used! Find them on Facebook (there are a lot of giveaways/freebies out there), in blogs, and in couponing sites. 
  • I usually online stores for shoes, bags, retail clothing so usually check out the many exciting coupons at 6pm for a lot of fantastic deals on clothing and apparel. 
Check out the store's coupon policies. It is normally on the back or bottom of the coupon or if its online coupon code, find the site's policy on how and where to use the coupons so there'll be no surprises at the end of the check-out line.
Take note of the coupon expiration date.
Widen your "store radius". There might be a better deal of that same product at the next store.
Have a filing system of all your coupons (and regularly remove expired coupons - it's no use keeping them).
Use them only WHEN you need them. Couponing needs a bit of time planning and strategy. There is no point in hoarding or stocking more than you need just for the purpose of using the coupon! You don't save when you buy ( even if it's discounted) something you don't need, right?

photo credits: The Inquisitr

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