Arrrgh! I could use some coffee!

It's raining when I woke up and I have to drag myself to the bathroom to get ready for work. We've been staying up late since last week to finish our project. Here's an excerpt of our boss' email yesterday.

Subject: RE: Audited FS

Team Finance,

We still need your all out support to finish this by next week. No let up. No excuse.

I will get involve in the discussion if there will be any peer’s show stopper that will prevent your group from accomplishing your task collectively.

You have proven in the 2008 FS that you can do it. Why not do it again for the second time?

Sweeter the second time around.



Let's finish this audit one and for all so we can all take a rest and relax. Thanks for your support and cooperation.


And to think it's Saturday.

Coffee, anyone?

Make mine black, cream, no sugar.

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