Does it ever happen to you when you thought everything's going well then out of nowhere something hits you at your blind side?

Supertyphoon "Juan" has made it's presence felt here in the metropolis by this endless rain and mud in the streets. Worse, vegetables and fruits are at skyrocket prices caused by the devastation  in Cagayan, Isabela, Ilocos and in the many parts of the the northern Philippines (and thanks too to some devious merchants who profits as soon as there is a  whiff of food shortage ) As much as I love the rain, it is very inconvenient for the working me. I have the worst cold ever, I have headaches and muscle pains.

Then I received bad news back home. My mom's diabetes has affected her kidneys already and the doctor said we need to get ready and raise funds in case she will be needing dialysis sessions soon. Sigh.

And on top of that, there are minor irritants at work. Yeah, they are minor but boy, there are so many!

So that was my two weeks blog black out.

But life goes on. One can only stay in the dark for so long.

So here I am again.

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