One for the road

"Let's have a cigarette on our way out.", my friend said as we were leaving the Galleria last night. We met for coffee and a talk.

So we sat on the ledge at the MiniStop, were many people are sitting, talking,waiting...So we lit up our Lights and talked. As I was finishing mine, I hoisted up my bag on my shoulder as I need to go already. It's 9pm.

She said, "let's have one more". Well, southbound traffic on a Sunday night is lighter than any other day, so I sat back again and had my 2nd Lights.  I bought a small C2 for her and water for me at Ministop.

I quite forgot the time, and before I knew it it's around 10pm!! Travel time from Ortigas to Laguna is around an hour of no traffic.. So I really need to go.

But we were still talking about something and I said, "I'll have that one remaining stick for the road."

And it hit me. Isn't it so just like life?

You need to go but you dally to have "one more" and stay just a little bit longer. It could be a week, a month, a year, sometimes forever. We need to go but that's what we always do. Have one for the road... We end up late , or have more than we bargained for..

Because come to think of it, I've had four sticks and she had three....

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JadeLD said...

Thanks for linking up to my comment-less post linkup. I know what you're talking about, sometimes when I catch up with friends we're just talking and talking and I keep thinking I really need to leave but it's great to enjoy the company.