I am not sorry for the things that I said to you, but i'm sorry that we have to fight like this.
If I wanted to hurt you, I could and you know that. I could take him away from you without remorse and you know in your heart that he will never put up a fight. Maybe you think it's just physical that's going on between us that's why you say I am madly in love with him. I do not "madly" love. I neither scheme to get my way nor lash out blindly in anger. I could, if I put a mind to it but I will not have him lose his respect for me.
There's more to a relationship than love. And he finds that "more" here with me. So please don't push him away with your nagging and whining and your suicidal threats because if you do, I will gladly take him in, flaws and all.

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