I want my mojo back!

Have you seen my mojo? I think I lost it.

That's why I've been a bad blogger for weeks -- zero posts in the last 2 weeks, neglecting my commenting duties, going off without so much as a "see ya!"...

Yep, that's me. I woke up one morning and I felt....FLAT. Uninspired. Tired, maybe?

Oh, well. I know that this is just an aberration, a phase that anyone goes through. I think this why some people say life is a roller-coaster ride -- there's a moment of rest before it swings you up again!


please bear with me :)

2 pinky-swear friends shared a thought or two...:

welcome to my world of poetry said...

I 've been there many times, a good rest does you the world of good, come back when you're ready.

Take care.

junebug said...

I agree. I've been there many times. Don't worry it will come back. :-)