Meaning of life

Someone shared this link on my Facebook and I thought you would love to see this, too:

I even took down a list. I realized, yeah, I still need to work on some (those in bold font) and maybe the mojo would show up!

  • show up

  • follow your heart

  • find a new perspective

  • have a sense of wonder

  • find people you love

  • set goals

  • help others

  • dance

  • pamper yourself

  • face your fears

  • go to a museum

  • exercise

  • limit television

  • get in touch with nature

  • lighten up

  • get a good night's sleep

  • read books

  • buy yourself flowers

  • don"t compare yourself with others

  • don't beat yourself up

  • be open to new ideas

  • don't focus on negative thoughts

  • focus on creating what you desire

  • make time just to have fun

  • keep the romance in your life

  • make a gratitude list

  • love your Mother Earth

  • want what you have

  • be true to yourself

  • --xoxo--

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    welcome to my world of poetry said...

    I saw that also on facebook,
    Very true words, being negative can not only make you unhappy but those people around you.