10 Things You Wish You Knew How to Do

  1. Knit
  2. Read Braille
  3. Webdesign
  4. Dance without making a fool of myself
  5. Write a novel
  6. Make lots of money
  7. Lie to someone poker-faced, without batting an eyelash
  8. Be a "Survivor" winner
  9. live without music for a long time!
  10. live without coffee

8 pinky-swear friends shared a thought or two...:

Anonymous said...

5/10. How am I doing?

palmtreefanatic said...

nice blog!
great list!
I love coffee too and think about it daily;)
knitting would be fun
and crocheting too which i could have added!;)
Happy Tuesday or should i say Wednesday!!

Martha in PA said...

Great list!!!

Joyce said...

Thanks for visiting my 10 on Tuesday!

We share the desire to knit, but why one would want to live without music and coffee, I don't know! Embrace them! :P

Andi said...

Great list! Being a "Survivor" winner would be soooo cool!

Clara said...

I can do #1 and #10. Can't do #7 and wouldn't want to. I'd add that I wish I knew how to lose some weight and keep it off FOREVER!

Beth said...

Thanks for stopping by. An interesting list. I wouldn't want to go without music - it is often food for the soul. I can knit a little, and taught myself to crochet a little using a DVD.

DART said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your comment! I also found a few on your list that I could easily add to mine:

* Read Braille
* Dance without making a fool of myself
* Write a novel

Oh, and as you can see from my list, I would like to be able to spot your lie if you were testing your ability on me! hahaha

Have a great day!