Cheesy days and gray hair

Today, I found ONE gray hair standing out on my temple --

--and it freaked the hell out of me!


I was fussing about it SECRETLY (as I don't want to broadcast it), Teddy reached for a kiss as he went out the door this morning.

I felt better then and rushed back to the mirror to inspect ME more closely.

Prominent wrinkles? None yet except when I smile, and it appears as fine lines in my eyes. Skin? Smooth to the touch, thank God for good genes. A little flab  love handle on the side, but what do you expect from a stressed chocolate lover? Besides, Teddy likes a little meat on me. So I think I'm still okay.

Well, anyways.

I'm thinking of a NOW post for my NaBloPoMo, and I can't think much is happening in my life right now, except THAT minor incident of the gray hair.

So I googled  what's happening around the world today.

And I found out that today is Cheese Day! Yay, I love cheeses, especially mozzarella on pizza and cheddar on my pasta and edam on Christmas!

Another question: Do you love fables, when you were little and now that you little ones?  'Cause today is AESOP's birthday! Find here the list of Aesop's fables.

NaBloPoMo Day #3
writing prompts for the day of June here.

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I wish I only had one gray hair to worry about.