Be an A-lister!

As The Blogger's Concierge, Gigi of KludgyMom and Melissa of Miel et Lait
is hunting for The A-List! Each week, one blog will be featured  on The Blogger's Concierge and I want to be an A-Lister!

Now, why would I be an A-Lister?

Because I like to write, that's why! I work with numbers 10 hours max a day (being a part of Finance Department of a manufacturing company), and writing and reading are my de-stressors. There is such comfort in the written word, you can play it your mind in silence.

I'd say I'm still a fledgling blogger with so much to learn still, as you can see here. I like sharing my world through random pictures (take a peek here, if you would) and at times, would try to express my thoughts randomly, like here and there.

This blog started only as a curiosity, when I saw a couple of Friendster friends doing this this thing called online journal. One of my first post was about the Art of Breaking Up, for my friend going through a heartbreak. At first, I thought I would post only the darker side of me, like, if I hate someone or angry over something I have a little anonymous place I could vent the heat , thus, this blog was called fickleinpink, the dark side. Fickle, because maybe I can change my mind at will act according to circumstance, and pink, because I'm a girl (take note: not baby pink, but dark pink). But as I  my blog went on and my followers (small as it maybe) grew, my view of the world grew, too. There's is so much to see here in the blogosphere, and I wish to see more! Soon this place became my sanctuary, with my online friends!

Do you want to be a part of this exciting group? All you have to do is post about you and your blog, and why you should be an A-Lister, too! Click here or the rules

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