Am I your Rebound Girl?

I sure hope not.Though sometimes it crosses my mind that I might be... 

See? Even now, my initial reaction is turn myself blind over the fact that you might be in rebound. But I know myself, I'm a very logical person.  I want to see things objectively, with reason, as I do not want to fall "madly", "blindly" in love with you or with anybody else. So I want to clinically pick the details of our circumstance.

So, are you?

I've been through this before, as the rebounder.I even posted about it in  The Art of Breaking Up .Rebounding is the worst one can do after a really bad break up, and I promised myself that I will not take that road again. Both can be lulled by the thrill, or rush of intense emotions, mistaking it for love or happily ever after. But it's not, really.

Let's take it slow, okay? I know you're still feeling a bit confused, and I promise I will be with you. But here are my grounds:
  1. Do not take me granted. I will not allow it. Do not expect that I will take up where your ex left off.
  2. Do not compare me. Whether good or bad, do not look for them in me. I'm a different person.
  3. I'm always up for a good talk. Tell me what's on your mind. Compatibility is boring, a bit of disparity is always good.
  4. Do not rush. Let's take our time knowing each other.

    Don't be afraid. Sometimes something  good can come out of the bad. We have something good here, we just need straighten  out some emotional entanglements, clean the road we will walk on, so to speak...

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