The 100-Word Challenge -- Unspoken

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Silent Goodbye
Shel saw him sitting against their tree, looking toward the setting sun on the Masaraga Mountains.

“Hey!”, she called . Jay smiled and waved as he saw her walking towards him.

“Why so serious?”, as she grabbed and puffed on his cigarette.

“I think I need to go away again.”

Her hands shook a bit and felt her eyes wavering for a moment “How soon?”

“In a day or two,” He murmured.

She leaned on his shoulder as she felt his hands holding hers, both silent.

Finally he pulled her up and said, “We have till tomorrow, don’t we?” 


4 pinky-swear friends shared a thought or two...:

LceeL said...

You did it perfectly. Well done, fickle.

Tara R. said...

Very nicely done.

lissa said...

sad but real tale, nicely told

thanks for your visit to my blog

PattiKen said...

"...go away again." Poor woman. It sounds like he does this often. She has more patience than I! Nicely written.

My 55 is up here.