Random Postsecrets I've Found

Random Postsecrets I've Found
Bold the ones you can relate to.
grabbed from [sweetmemes]

We make our way Across The Universe.
You will welcome many people with your smile.
I wish it didn't always take SO much effort to be like I was.
The thought of a needle leaving me with marks that will last a lifetime, scares the crap out of me, but I'm gonna do it anyways, You only live once.
I'm sorry for everything.
I don't know has been my answer for everything lately, I don't know what's wrong.
I absolutely cannot go to sleep unless I brush my teeth.
I thought the journey was over, I was wrong, it just began.
Sometimes, I feel like other people hold me back.
Remember that day I told you I loved you, I lied.
I clean my ears compulsively.
Don't you dare let this one go.
I miss you (more than I'd like to admit).
When all the other little girls wanted to be Princesses, I wanted to be a Pirate. Arrrr!
Nobody I like likes me as much as I like them, nobody I think about thinks about me as much as I think about them.
My most embarrassing and shameful moment was telling my mom that the cuts on my arms weren't from the cat.
I'm a nerd and proud!
I will change the world one day.
I act like I don't care, but some things mean the world to me.
Seven years later, & I'm still not over you.
I didn't have a cold, I was crying.
I want to be an individual but I don't want to stand out.
Take me by the hand and tell me you would take me anywhere.
I feel like the world is screaming at me to write.
I think what I need more than anything in the world is to be told (just once) that a friend doesn't know what they would do without me.
I think we're going to be okay.
I'm afraid of becoming fat.
I laugh at other peoples' jokes even if they aren't funny, just to make them feel better about themselves.
I always secretly thought that the world had bigger plans for me.
I wish on 11:11, but my wishes never come true anymore.
I have never been skinny enough to make my mother happy.
We're only getting started, but I already know I want to spend the rest of my life with you.
I like to watch raindrops run down my window.
Just because I try not to talk about it, doesn't mean I'm over it, that I feel better or that I'm ever going to be okay, I just don't want to be a burden.
I am always alone, even in a room full of people.
I dream of a world where 'Feminism' isn't a dirty word.
I should have let you go before we all got hurt, I'm sorry.
At last, I am loving my life.
I am so much stronger than I would have guessed. Yay me!
I think there is a connection between my eyes and brain that just doesn't work right.
I am very happy with who I am today.
I miss driving down to see you.
Figure out what you want baby, we are running out of time.
I love you, in all moments of our absurdity.
Someday, women won't have to be married to feel complete.
It disgusts me how people can say that the Holocaust never happened.
I always judge a book by its cover.
I am pushing everyone away on purpose, that way, it will be less painful for them.
I think Kevin Jonas is gorgeous.
I don't care what anyone says, I've never liked The Beatles.
Grow old with me.
I was born in the wrong time.
I hope you think of me everyday and feel bad, but I know you don't.
I dream of a world where reading is cool.
Reading is the only way for me to escape from reality.
Every inch forward is another tiny step in the right direction.
I rescue earthworms from sidewalks so they won't get squished.
Truth is, I don't think we will keep in touch.
I wish I could tear down the walls around my heart.
Often, I find myself wanting to be alone, but my biggest fear is that I will be.
Shit. I was almost happy again.
I wish I could have had you before those other girls screwed you up so badly.
I was right when I said you would forget about me.
I miss the way summertime used to feel.
I'm sick of feeling unwanted.
Without your love, I'd probably be dead.
How I miss the old days.
My insomnia really scares me sometimes (Please help me fall asleep).
I love the way cleaning my ears feels.
I don't have to be like the rest of you.
I love it when it rains, even more when it thunders.
I try to drink the pain away.
I thought all the words I wrote for you would be enough, they weren't.
Be mine, Nothing more, Nothing less.
I'm scared of intimacy.
You're crazy for thinking I'm attractive, but I think you are too.
I haven't always been this happy.
I have no idea who I am.
I secretly like not having a job so I can stay in bed when everyone else has to get up.
I am paralyzed by everyone's idea of what I should be.
Sometimes, I just really can't find the way in again.
No one calls me anymore.
When you leave the room, I read all of your text messages.
I have so much left to say to you.
Compromise is far from fatal.
I wish the wind would take me away from this place.
I wish I could speak Polish.
You're the prayer inside me.
Most days, I feel like I am too aware of my being.
I'm afraid... I'll always be alone.
I'm scared you'll never find me.
When I look into the mirror, I don't recognize myself.
I have no friends.
I wouldn't bother losing weight if I thought I could get a boyfriend as I am.
I wasted my wishes on you.
I think God is just a big placebo.
I love my mother more than I love anyone else.
Sometimes, I cry like a toddler when I don't get my way.
I want to die before I hit the ground.
I dream of a world where all girls are safe.
Dear Mom, I don't believe in God.
I dream of a world where individuality is beauty.
I miss our old problems.
Let me help you. Please.
I love dancing in the pouring rain.
I pray to get anorexia.
My fairy tale has ended.
I want it to rain the day I get married.
It rains the hardest on those who deserve the sun.
I'm beginning to find my way.
I don't want to remember.
Today, I realized I could no longer remember what you were like when you still loved me.
I hate being normal but fear becoming anything else.
I'm starting to see it.
I never want you to feel lost again.
Love is love. No matter what gender.
I want to learn magic... more than you'll ever know.
Watching men eat meat turns me on.
I will lie in my grace dreaming of things I might have been.
I miss him so much and I can't tell a soul.
I pick up notes off the ground and read them.
You are impossible to forget.
Whenever people ask me for directions, I always direct them to a strip club.
I'm looking to do one good deed before I die.
You're the prayer inside me.
I know your secret, and I wish you'd tell me, so we could both stop hiding.
Don't let your secrets hinder your love.

If I knew how to hire a hitman, I would.
I feel closer to god with my horse than at church.
I have no idea where my life is going to lead me.
I'd follow you into the dark.
You inspire me.

If he touches me again, I swear I'll fucking kill him.
Sometimes, I get annoyed at how ignorant you are!
I just feel so invisible and alone.
I gave up Jesus for Lent. [this made me snort...absolutely stellar]
I don't care if you're Jewish, your Jew jokes still piss me off.
I'm not so much afraid of heights as I am of being tempted to jump.
I don't believe in God & I believe he is punishing me for just that.
No one really knows me.
I miss being fake.
I have unspeakable fantasies.
It's a lot easier to love myself now that I've told you how much I hate you.
I don't want to hate them just because they hate me.
The thing I hate most about myself is that I'm too lazy to change the things I hate.
It was all fake.
I have this really irrational fear of traffic lights falling on my car.
I think one day, I am going to look like my cat.
My biggest fear isn't being raped or killed, it's of me falling down the stairs.
I wish I didn't care so much.
I think I have it all figured out but I don't.
I am ruined without her.
We are both being pulled different directions... I will hold on as long as you take my hand.
You make my soul smile.
I never even liked baseball. I just liked you.
I feed the bears.
I'm ashamed of what my facebook quiz results reveal about me.
I only told you I loved you because I thought it was opposite day.
My bulimia has made me better at giving blowjobs.
Life is good, everyone just overreacts, even me.
When my friends leave stuff at my house, I sell them.
I am never going to forgive you.
I think that I could write comedy.
I cheated, and now I'll never be the same.
Oh fuck, I love you. [I absolutely ADORE this one!]
I love when my frisbee slams into strangers.
You say catastrophe, I say, fuck yes.
I've never liked hockey, but I would love to see what happens in the locker room after the game.
And you're all I want.
I feel more like me when you are here, than when I'm alone.
It is not about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself.
For once in my life, I'm not going to hold back; no matter what.
Start a revolution, stop hating your body.
I fantasize about rejecting the apologies that I know will never come.
I like shopping at Wal-Mart, please don't tell my cool friends.
I absolutely love it when you drunk dial.
When I'm in a crowded elevator, I envision the porn scene that could ensue.
I wish society didn't treat me like a monster just because I'm gay.
I would rather be a messed up person, fixed, than to be a regretless person wondering how messed up I would feel.
The love that came before you, the love that lives on after you, the love you never had.
Once I learn to love myself, I promise I'll love you next.
I always count how many seconds I pee.
I haven't eaten since Sunday.
You need not find a cure for everything that makes you weak.
I was beautiful too.
You're not going to call me, are you? Damn.
I have learned a love about life from you in the past 2 years. Thanks.
I was taught how to masturbate at a Girl Scout camp.
I find squeezing a full tube of toothpaste strangely erotic.
Dear Mom, Thanks a bunch for the great ass!
Your lies helped me find truth in myself.
I think about plots for erotica novels while sitting in the pews at church.
Whenever I use the bathroom, I always picture famous people & people I know taking a crap.
I had a sex dream about diamonds in my vagina.
It doesn't matter your age, sex, religion, or race, I will stare at your ass.
I kissed a boy today, who didn't wish I was someone else.
I get pissed at people who leave times on the microwave.
I don't hate you because you cheated, I hate you because you told her my secret.
I just went on vacation. and I only wanted to send a postcard to Postsecret.
I would take swinging on the swings over money, sex, and/or power, any day.
I wish my parents would find my drafts of my suicide notes under the carpet by my air vent.
When I say I don't care, I'm not trying to convince you, I'm trying to convince myself.
I leave poetry in library books.
I shredded all my photos.
Sometimes, I eat my boogers.
I am contemptuous of others so it hurts when they are indifferent to me.
My secret is... I want to be a outlaw biker.
The meds don't work. But I say they do, and no one knows.
I love you so much but can't tell you.
People think I've stopped lying, but I've just gotten better at it.
I like the smell of my own farts.
I want to die a hero.
I am lost.
I am terrified I will never get married.
Even if I have plenty of friends, I always feel alone.
I'm afraid to take the next step.
I go to the movies to try and imagine what life would be like if only I could fit in.
I'm very glad I didn't win.
I miss feeling close to God.
She never gave me a chance.
I change my hair so often to make up for the fact that I won't be able to change who I am.
I'm happy and lucky but I've never told anyone.
I tell people I'm an atheist but I believe I'm going to hell.
I've always wanted to rob a bank.
I really enjoy funerals.
I'm always annoyed when anyone makes me alter my path on the sidewalk.
I truly believe all my problems would be solved if only I were not fat.
Jail isn't anything like the movies.
I hate when my mom uses her illness as an excuse. I hate it when I do it too.
Strangers are just friends waiting to happen. Will you be mine?
I miss cutting.
(Picture of The Beatles) These four men are my best friends, I wish they were all still alive, so we could live in a yellow submarine.
All the popular kids are boring.
I care more about Dumbledore than I do about the Pope.
I wear granny panties. [occasionally]
Men that take good care of their kids turn me on.
My dogs are weird.
I HATE 90% of my generation's of music.
I want to be skinny... but I am far too lazy.

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