I got an award again!

During my first few months of blogging, I always get green in the face everytime I see another  blogger posting his/her award. I thought it must be great feeling to given such, because it means somebody has seen you and is making the effort to tag you to be an the "awardee".


Thank you so much, Bridgette over at Life's a Beach !

The rules:
  1. Tag as many as you like
  2. Say something about yourself
  • I'm more of a rain person. I love the sound of rain and thunder.
  • I love coffee, chocolates and mocha ice cream
  • I hate people who can't wait for you to turn your back so they can gossip about you!
    So I'm awarding this interesting blogs that I recently discovered :

    2 pinky-swear friends shared a thought or two...:

    Colleen said...

    Congrats on the award!!! Glad you're following my blog =)

    Anonymous said...

    Congrats! I like thunderstorms as well.