Letters of Intent 06.25.2010

Dear Facebook Poser,

You who created an account with my name and wrote a defamatory profile of me, I pity you.
Of course, you won't admit it. BUT.I.KNOW.WHO.YOU.ARE.
Everyone must move on, so why don't you?

Good luck,

Dear Teddy,

How I wish you would pick up your socks --
and help with the laundry --
and not be so taciturn most of the time --

I'm glad though, that you appreciate my cooking --
that we can still find the time to talk in the mornings, despite our busy schedules --
that after the "chaos" last Decemebr, we are slowly settling in...

And I love you for all these things.

I hope you know.


Dear Mr. Time,

Please be so kind to my parents, now that they are old. Give them more of you.


4 pinky-swear friends shared a thought or two...:

welcome to my world of poetry said...

I especially liked the first letter, for reason I won'r go into, The whole post was good.


Foursons said...

Someone really created a fake FB page? Oh my gosh- how juvenile.

Glad you're getting some good chats in with Teddy in the mornings. Better than no chats at all!

Thanks for linking up, and I totally understand praying for more time.

Beth Zimmerman said...

I can so relate to the last 2 letters. Thankfully I haven't experienced the first one!

Grabbing your button and following. Found you through LoI.

Marice said...

boo to that poser! i really dont understand why there's certain people who really exert some effort to do that.

love that praying for more time :)

have a happy weekend!