Bonding @ the Breakwater ~ NaBloPoMo - Day 2

I decided to join the NaBloPoMo this May though I'm a day late so I'll start with Day 2.This month's theme is SWEET.

I visited my sister and my mother at Manoto Village (that's just 10minutes away by jeep) yesterday afternoon to check on them. I love my mom, but it we don't get along well if we are confined in the same space for a longtime. I don't know,but we are like that ever since. But she's ok, I just checked on her medications. She was fussing over me again, ***naglalambing kumbaga*** I gave her Php300 pesos before I went out with Rhenz.

We ate at Jollibee as waited for Lee (her bf) to arrive. I wanted to watch X-men Origins:Wolverine but she wants to hang out at my apartment instead. When Lee arrived around 8pm with his van, we went instead at breakwater park at Aplaya, Calamba,Laguna. The word "aplaya" is a Tagalog word for beach.

That's the walkway built by the municipal gov't. This protrudes into the Laguna de Bay and you can seethe lake on either side. This is more like a lover's lane than a pathway.

This is my sis Rhenz and Anne
That's me in black, with my hair all over my face.
Anne and I just walked around the park goofing around, watching lovers lining along the rails or in their cars. After 2 liters of beer (Redhorse Jumbo), we went home around 10pm not the least bit drunk, but we had a good time!
I guess that's one sweet night!

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