55 Flash Fiction - The Wait

Someone’s said on the other line, “He’s in Laguna.”

She rushed home at 6o’clock, cooked dinner and waited.

Tick tock. Tick tock. 8o’clock…traffic? 9:30 …food’s getting cold, the beer warm. Ten…eleven…lit up a cigarette, waiting.

At one, she took a shower to cool her stinging eyes, and slept without turning on the lights.


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Anonymous said...

Great first 55. Not that I counted words at this hour :-) I sure know what that waiting feels like. Sucks!

Welcome to the Flash 55 world. It's addicting.

You'll find 55 ~ Skipping Stones posted.

~Chef Kar

Brian Miller said...

tomorrow she will look at the food still on the plate and vow never to wait again...nicely done 55!

mine is up!

G-Man said...

Welcome to the Jungle!
Absolutely Awesome 55 Young Lady!
Thank you so much for this excellent contribution. You more than fit in. See you next Friday, and have a Kick-Ass Week-End...G

Mom of Opiate Addict said...

Awesome first 55ve. That waiting feeling sucks! Mine will be up soon.

Janna said...

I know how this feels, especially the falling-asleep-after-sobbing part.

Nice angst in compact form. :)

My Flash 55 is here!

Kathleen said...

Nicely told! I'm looking forward to seeing more from your, my dear!

Here's mine:


Hootin' Anni said...

All I can say is "Been there, done that". Excellent 55....and, welcome.

Have a terrorific Halloween tomorrow---

My 55 is a two-parter this week...

Trick or Treats HERE

Prayer Girl said...

First of all welcome to my blog. I was delighted to get your comment. I love meeting new readers when they comment/become followers.

I love your 55. I have also been there and done that, but thankfully it was way in the past. (And hopefully will remain in the past.)

Again, welcome,

Dr.John said...

A very sad 55 indeed. But a great first 55.

I have finished my 55.
You’ll find it

But it’s a groaner.

Tall Kay said...

You are a natural at this 55 game! Welcome to the Friday fun!

Alice Audrey said...

Excellent 55! I'm so glad I don't do that anymore.

Lulda Casadaga said...

thanks for stopping by my place... Welcome aboard...we have a great group here for Friday 55's.
And most of us are 55...\:D So more young blood is needed....LOL

Your 55 is like a bad memory...but, we all have to experience one or more of these nights to make us stronger and to help us move on.
Great job!

Susan at Stony River said...

Oh, how you captured that slowly-sinking waiting hell, so well in such a few words.

I'm looking forward to seeing next Friday's story! Good to meet you!

Monkey Man said...

What a d**k. I got p.o.'d reading you fine 55. Great first go. My 55 is here.

♥ Boomer ♥ said...

Wow! A great one! Is this your first? Great job!!

Bonnie Bonsai said...

The elements of story telling in just few words. Enjoy it much.

jon said...

I always start with: " It was a dark and stormy night."
It works for me.

Jen E said...

very nice! Late mingler!!

Larry said...

Thanks for dropping by this blog of mine. I like your post and look forward to reading you again.