Horoscope for the day~Oct 6

Tuesday, Oct 6th, 2009 -- Today, with the Moon in your 1st House of Personality, your immediate reactions are more transparent than normal. You are wearing your feelings on your sleeve for everyone to see. Others may look at you in wonder, for you have a way of simplifying complex issues that is enviable. Keep in mind that some things are really more complicated than you wish. Don't throw out important details for the sake of expediency.
Do you believe in horoscopes? I'm not much of a believer, but sometimes I like to check them out. Horoscopes are like silent friends, you get some sort of advise or insight from them, without pushing you...

So now, my today's horoscope said
I'm wearing my heart on my sleeve. Am I that obvious then, that even the stars can see? ;) It amazes me that sometimes horoscopes could be so apt for the moment!

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