Saturday Six ~ Wierdness

  1. Have you ever licked the crayon dust off a blackboard?~ Now that would be really silly. Does licking the dew off the window pane count? ;0
  2. Do you have socks on at the moment? ~none at the moment. it's summer in the Philippines!
  3. Have you ever tripped over thin air!? ~ yes...especially if my head is faster than my feet...;)
  4. What’s your favourite animal? ~i love dogs, though i don't own one right now as my landlady does not allow pets (peeved ;()
  5. What’s your favourite tree?~I love the Balete tree because aside from the superstitious aura, it is a symbol of tenacity for me...
  6. What was the last thing you ate? ~Tuna Spaghetti (minus the asparagus) given to us by our neighbor...

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