Thursday Thunks (032609)

1. What is your favorite type of soda (if you drink soda)? ~>Coke
 2. Do you believe in astrology? If so, what does your sign say about you? At a certain level, yeah.
These Rabbits measure their success in the acquisitions they have made. They like the stability and comfort of nice things and work hard to provide these luxuries to themselves and their families.
3. Who is John Galt? I have no idea, but I googled him so read on here.. 
4. What is the last thing you do before you go to sleep at night? Think of tomorrow's schedule.
5. Who's your Daddy? Someone who loves me, being a daddy's girl. 6. Jelly beans or Jelly Bellies? Neither. Too sweet for me. 
7. What do you think about yellow car? Why car manufacturer actually made yellow cars? I think of taxicabs, I wonder why most taxi's are yellow?
8. Holding on or Letting go? Letting go. It gives you freedom to move forward. 
9. What kind of underwear, if any, do you wear? Thongs, most days. But since I'm a "minimalist" (haha) at night, I wear my sensible, cotton undies when I sleep.
10. Who is your daddy and what does he do? He is a retired tailor.
11. Spring - is it here yet?? No spring.Just humid summer coming on full force.
12. Does Google Streetview scare you? No.You can't find my street in there. Thanks goodness. because if they can find the street, then they can find you!
13. What is your favorite brand of ice cream? DQ, anytime!
 14. What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? Chocolate, Mocha, Coffee, Toffee
15. Do you ever get tired of your everyday routine? Sometimes...I'm always anticipating for something extraordinary to happen...
16. What inspires you? .."that there's something more out there..."
17. It’s springtime-do you spend more time outdoors? Not yet...still cooped up in the office for our year-end company book's audit
18. When do you think Bud will let us see the DVD of him and the french twins? I don't know. 
19. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you, and why? In a private beach anywhere.
20. Why do you blog? To relax , take off my mind the many mediocre things and really talk about what's important. I blog about all the things that I don't normally voice out. 
21. What are electrolytes and why are they good for us? I think they keep our body functions synchronized... 2
2. Do you twitter? Why or why not? No. 
23. What did you dream last night? I can't remember, like most nights. 24. What is the strangest thing you've eaten? Fried frog legs? 25. What was the last picture that you took? see------>
That's me in the middle
26. what is your favorite part of spring? No spring here in the Philippines, just the dry season coming in.
27. what is one thing that you did this past week that no one knows about? I don't kiss and tell ;)
28. What kind of bandages do you typically have in your household? None.

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