10 Fads You Just Don’t Get

  1. Bangs ~ I even have a highschool picture like this! Arrrgh!
  2. Bell bottoms ~ the ones wide enough to swat a fly!
  3. Tamaguchis ~ I had one , too but it always dies.
  4. Spandex ~ As much as I love Axle Rose, I wish he didn't have to wear spandex when he sang "Patience"...
  5. Mullet
  6. Fanny packet
  7. Boy bands
  8. Emo
  9. Sagging pants ~ ughh!
  10. Energy Drinks ~ even kids can have access to them now!
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3 pinky-swear friends shared a thought or two...:

Julie said...

Oh man, I forgot about the mullet!

Vanniedosa said...

yeah mullet, ewww. i have that in my list too.
my list is here: http://www.kidddesigns.com/2009/08/ten-on-tuesday-fads-i-just-dont-get.html

but i only got to list 5. LoL.
Enjoy the rest of the Day!

Becca said...

Ha I forgot about tamaguchis!