Am you ready to be a foster parent yet?

I was checking out my mail today and I received a forwarded message from Paula that the twitterer will be needing a foster parent soon!

I was so... amazed by this news, I almost clicked this in my spam bin! Imagine a PR3 blog such as the twitterer will be given away! But mind you, Mommy Gee  is looking for a good home for  the twitterer.

If you want to be  a candidate for parenthood, just write a post on what would you do if you get a PR3 blog for free?

If I can get a PR3 blog for free, I'm going to love, love, love this gift!  I will work on it with lots of quality content and provide good readership by pouring my heart out into it... 

Maybe you'll ask me if I'm raising my hand now to volunteer fostering the twitterer.

My answer is NO.

Because I don't know if I can do justice to it's rank. It is PR3. And to a lot of bloggers, this is very important.  And I don't know if I have the powers to keep it that way!  I'm still a noob. And I think the twitterer is such a great responsibility. Wah! Maybe, in the future, if I can give a huge chunk of my time to my online activities (if I'm not an 8-to-5'er anymore).

But I'm cordially inviting every one of my blogger friends and readers to consider adopting the twitterer. Just go over At Home With Georyl for more information on how to join this contest!

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