Friday Confessional

Can you keep a secret? If you do, come and join Glamazon Mormon Mom with her Friday Confessions.

I must confess:

  • I got a mountain of laundry..and I'm too lazy tired to do it
  • Teddy won't help in the household chores ( I really want to hit him!)
  • I'm afraid of rejection, or being rejected.
  • I hate nagdadabog or people throwing tantrums. (Though I don't react too much outwardly, but in my mind I'm already punching them in the face!!!)
  • I freak out inside every time I come and find the bathroom dirty.
  • Really, sometimes I want to throw things so I can put my point across!
  • I think I'm a control freak.
  • I like sexy lingerie with lots of lace.
  • An ex is calling me, after so long
  • sometimes I'm tempted to encourage this ex
  • But I won't. I don't want anymore headaches.
  • I'm getting a local hilot to put put my retroverted uterus right
  • I want a baby this year, married or not

6 pinky-swear friends shared a thought or two...:

welcome to my world of poetry said...

I enjoyed reading your list, rejection is not a nice expereience I can relate to that.

Have a good day.

Glamazon said...

Oh laundry, story of my life, and I hate to do it! Not fun at all. Hmmm. Maybe throwing things would help to get a point across, or to let people know you're serious :)

Thanks for playing!

Kimi said...

As I trudge my way through divorce number two...I've gotta tell you BABIES...are way better than husbands, lol

Cluttered Brain said...

I like lacy lingerie too! And I am always working on a mountain of laundry...*sigh*

Lucy said...

Dont feel bad. I am the biggest control freak going. Thank goodness my husband understands my control issues.

Josh said...

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