BB cream craze: three Dr. Jart freebies to be given away

Now that I'm thirtyish (won't tell what range of 30 I'm in :D ), I can see fine lines now and freckles age spots here and there. Now this something that I truly wish to have -- Dr. Jart's BB Cream (specifically DR. JART+ BLACK LABEL DETOX HEALING BLEMISH BASE BB CREAM)!

This will be perfect for me as I have combination skin (normal that runs on dry during cold weather) so I can't survive without moisturizer and recently I include sunblock in my beauty routine.

So I'm so glad Ajay at Ajay's Writing on the Wall is hosting Dr. Jart's BB Cream Giveaway
where three (3) lucky winners will get a tube each of Dr. Jart's BB cream!

Let me be one of the three! And you could be the other two! Just go over at Ajay's Writing on the Wall to get the rules of this giveaway!


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welcome to my world of poetry said...

Wait til you get to 60ish , I wish I hadn't ignored the few lones I had in my thirties.