My BB wish and Lizz's Korean Beauty Package Galore Giveaway!

It's the BB cream craze!

But what exactly is BB cream? The double B stands for blemish balm, and has become a rage here in Asia. It has become a miracle cream because it covers, rejuvenates, and protects the skin! The only stepback is where to find the right BB cream!

I recently discovered Krazy/Beautiful, a korean beauty online shoppe by blogger Lizz and there it was: Hyalin's Insurance Beauty BB cream, After reading a review of this cream, I WANT this one for myself, too! Go over and visit her shop and find many fabulous items!

I want this!
Hyalin's Beauty Insurance BB Cream

Also, Lizz is giving away these fabulous loot if you answer this question:
"What Korean beauty product are you interested in trying out from the Krazy/Beautiful store?"
1) Eight (8) full-sized Candy*Shop nail polishes (various colors)
2) 1 TonyMoly travel-sized BB Cream
3) 1 Holika Holika Garden Recipe travel-sized Body Wash
4) 1 Organic Farm full-sized Lip Gloss
5) 1 Flory Ann full-sized Lip Gloss
6) 1 Skin Food Omija Whitening Gift Set
7) 2 Innis Free Green Tea Seed Serum
8) 1 InnisFree Green Tea Gift Set (contains serum and lotion)
9) 2 Sticker Sets
10) 1 Nail Art Sticker Set
11) 1 Skin79 Hydro Repairing Mask Sheet
12) 1 *adorable* Kapibarasan Notepad

If you wish to get this Korean Package Galore,  visit the Lizz'a contest page here for the details!

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