10 Things on 10 Tuesday

10ot_4(pinch the feet to play!!)

10 things on my to-do list:
  1. catch up with my college friends ( have lunch at the Dampa)
  2. catch up with my mom and sis for a little chat
  3. catch up on the office backlogs (we are undermanned, due to several lay-offs these past few months ***sigh***)
  4. catch up on my sleep
  5. have to call my Pop at the province, it's been months!
  6. reconcile my credit card overdue bills (waaahh!)
  7. catch up on my sleep (yeah, I know, i said it already)
  8. talk with N (though I don't know how)
  9. have to start Netsuite ( our new Accounting System for 2009)
  10. catch up on my sleep (again)
have a nice week, ya all!

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