Chip Racist Remark


Forgive the pun.
No matter how I try to make this blog as apolitical as possible, there are still certain issues that I can't help but take up here. Like Mr. Tsao Chip's article in HK Magazine, calling Philippines a "nation of servants" (read complete article here) and that was a very hard and arrogant statement.

Racism at it's best.

People could be so irresponsible sometimes despite their worldly experiences and that pettiness could still flourish even among the educated. Despite Mr. Tsao's public apology to the Philippine government earlier this week, hundreds of Filipinos still protested Sunday in HK's Central financial district and carried signs that said, "No Chip shots at Filipinos" and "We are workers, not slaves."

But where will this Filipino indignation go? We protested because Mr. Tsao has offended our sensibilities. We march on the streets to show our slight, but where do our actions take us? We can not walk out of Hong Kong, or any other country for that matter, even when Mr Tsao's remarks has hurt us. There will always be future domestic helpers, caregivers , OCW's all over the world.

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