Rememberin Whensday ~ MFI days in Baras, Rizal

That's me in black shorts holding my shoes. This was in 1995 when a couple of my classmates in Meralco Foundation Institute went over another classmate's house in Baras, Rizal. I remember there was Typhoon Rosing (Supertyphoon Angela) coming on but we still elected to go. This was our first time to have an outing.

As you can see, even in the rain...

That's me again, in white shirt. We didn't mind that there were dark clouds and heavy rains. We didn't mind that we were the only people in the playground and in the pool. We were just happy. I think this was in October, 2 weeks before our FINALS for the last sem in school.
Unfortunately, we were stranded for 3 days there with no electricity, the phones were down and there were no buses to get us back to the city. Anyhow, it was fun in a way. We had bonfire outside.The "bangus" (milkfish) and tilapia fishponds lining Laguna de Bay flooded so there were fish everywhere!
As soon as the sun came up, I went home with lots of fish as my "pasalubong" to my mom. As soon as I showed my face at our door, I heard my mom's angry admonition and left my ears ringin for days on end. ***sigh***

4 pinky-swear friends shared a thought or two...:

Karen said...

That sounds like a very good time, that you will remember longer than you will remember the names of the classmates.

Sally in WA said...

You were already getting wet in the pool, what's a little rain, right? :-)

Sounds like you still had fun and made getting stranded an adventure.

Great pics! Thanks for playing this week.

Gaelyn said...

What a wonderful story, memory and post. You can have fun whatever the weather, especially when with good friends. Hope your Mom was less mad when she saw the fish you brought home.

Rita said...

This was a nice walk down memory lane for both you and my husband.

One you will always remember because of the events that transpired.

For my husband a reminder of the six years he lived in your county back in the 70's. Also a chance to tell me some of his stories from that time.

Thanks for visiting my site and the nice message.