Ten Favorite Sounds

  1. The sound of rain pelting on the roof or window pane
  2. sound of cicadas in the night, everytime I go home in the province
  3. JV's voice, when we talk or make love
  4. belly laugh
  5. Kurt Cobain
  6. acoustic guitar
  7. crash of water waves against the rocks or sea wall
  8. sound of cooking
  9. wind chimes
  10. silence

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7 pinky-swear friends shared a thought or two...:

Judi said...

All of those are great, although I can't speak to JV:-)

Joanne MV said...

Thanks for checking out my list :)

We do have some things in common on our list ;)

Gail said...

Wonderful idea! May I borrow it on my post?

Robin said...

Great list....
Wishing you and yours a beautiful week through

Paul Rudyard said...

number 1--fantastic :)

Paula said...

I love a good belly laugh too...especially from a child

Anonymous said...

Great list!