Skywatching as I wait

As I wait for my shuttle to work this morning, I looked up and saw these electrical/phone lines hampering my view.

Cloudy skies today.  That's downtown Calamba City, here in Laguna. Election campaign is in full blast beginning Feb 10 until May 8. All possible corners, trees, posts, nooks and crannies are full of candidates' billboards.

Happy weekend, everyone!

For more skies, find it here!

4 pinky-swear friends shared a thought or two...:

Photo Cache said...

the street scene you captured on the second image is pretty nice. i love it.

my entry is at

Indigo said...

That's quite a campaign!

Have a great weekend!


Fadzil Zainal said...

Great street scene.
Three month election campaign? That's a waste of government resource don't you think. ;)

Hilda said...

You sure caught those cables very well. Don't you just wish we can afford underground cables? And those posters! Candidates should be required to pay for the clean up afterwards.

But let's forget all of those stressful thoughts. It's the weekend! Yay! Have fun one! :)