30 days of Truth -- Day Four (4/30)

Day 04 → Something you have to forgive someone for.

I guess the most painful thing a loved one can do to you is to cheat you.

Years ago, this loss of faith has really broken my heart. I thought that you get what you give. You give love, you get love. You sow loyalty, you reap loyalty. Blah-blah.

At first I tried to ignore it. i said to myself, "ah, it's just a phase...". But it went on for almost a year, and I felt it's too much. So I started to nag, to throw tantrums, to shout and cry so he would listen. But no, it got worse to the point he and I won't speak for days, he won't show up, things like that...

One day, I had a motorcycle accident. Nothing major, just a few bruises and a laceration on my leg that required 12 stitches. I was not paying much attention on the road (I was crying). After this, he tried to patch up with me. I thought it was really in his heart to work out our relationship. I forgave him and vowed never to talk about it again. We left our jobs and moved to his parents house, a fresh start he said.

For a while it was okay, like "it" never happened. Then one night, I saw him talking on the phone with "her".

And I realized, it's not over yet. This second betrayal has broken crumbled my heart pride. All I need is just a little honesty and he won't give it to me...

One morning, I woke up, packed up and said goodbye. There is so much anger in me and it's not healthy anymore. ..

For two years I tried to make a concentrated effort to move on. I prayed that the grace of forgiveness find the way to my heart . And it did. It was slow but it did.


  • What about you, what is it that you need to forgive about someone?
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Day 05 → Something you hope to do in your life.

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haisley said...

Hehehehehe..... I didn't know that i'm not alone.... Hirap nmn talgang magpatawad ng tong nagcheat seu..... pls... have a glance of my blog