Things to do + bloghopping


Workweek's almost over! Yay! Officework's been hectic these past few weeks because of the audit requirements. I can't wait to just stay around the house because I've neglected a few things like:
  • having a conversation with Teddy without dozing off
  • having a cup of coffee with Teddy without rushing off in the morning
  • catch up on my reading (even if it's just the newspaper) lol
  • cook a decent meal (I hate canteen food!)
  • and other things ::wink::
 I've been meaning to catch up on my posts. I hope you won't feel that I've neglected you, my dear readers, at all! I guess I still haven't gotten over my lost writing mojo last month :( Please bear with me. If you have tips up your sleeve on how to get it back again (that elusive writing mojo), kindly tell me. You have to be patient with me, though because I like giving advices than taking them! lol. Kidding aside, I will seriously consider and apply them.

If you like looking at pictures, you might want to peek at my Ruby Tuesday post and my favorite Skywatch Friday. As I said, I'm at a loss for words so I thought pictures of life around me would do. I've been neglecting my 30 Days of Truth but I hope to get on with it soon. You might want to start one yourself so check the list of questions here.

Anyways, I hope everyone a quality weekend!

Now on to the bloghop!

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welcome to my world of poetry said...

Enjoy your bloghopping, I wish I had the stamina to do it.

Have a wonderful week-end;