Thursday Thunks: At the Zoo

The TT questions are brought to you by Bud, the color of my neighbor's wife's eyes and the number 33,333.

1. Would you rather have a pet hippo or a pet elephant? If I won't clean after them, I'd choose either one. I can ride with the elephant and the hippo can teach me to walk below water!

2. Why do you think bananas are shaped the way they are? To make it ergonomic? I don't know. Really, is that a serious question? As I read, my mind's turning green...LOL.
3. In one word (OK, you can go three to four MAX) , what do most people describe you as? Bitchy. Smart-ass. Resourceful

4. Choice (stupid but a choice…): Loss of vision, ability to speak or hearing - which do you choose? (you have to choose one....) It's like a law. But we can't make you. Loss of ability to speak(because I can write).

5. Do you like lemons? Do you use them to clean with or just as a food source? Or are you saving them up for 2012? I include the rind when I wash the dishes, I use them when I take bath, I make lemonade out of it...The question is...why would we save lemons for 2012?

6. When you are feeling icky with that sickness feeling, what is your first choice for feel-better medicine? Sleep my way through it.

7. You are starving. You have not had anything to eat for days. In front of you is poison ivy, a live hissing cockroach, and a rotten stinky piece of some sort of mystery meat to eat. Which would you pick and why? How starved is starving? cuz I certainly WILL NOT eat poison ivy (the name speaks for itself) and I'm scared to death of cockroaches! Mystery meat is a NO! If there's no  EDIBLE food in a few more days, I'll die in peace!

8. Who was the last person you bought a present for? What was it? Will you buy Berleen one? Teddy. It was a pair of flip-flops that I impulsively bought at the market (it was inexpensive). Sure I'd buy Berleen a pair, in case she wants to go to the beach. I'd buy one for Bud and Kimber, too.  I'd buy for Thom, too since he is Hawaii!

9. Name 3 things you want your kids to learn before they grow up. (If you don't have kids, feel free to explain to the other players why you chose the “no kids“ choice. Yea. I know. (Those who have children will NEVER get it. And no, don‘t explain it…) No kids.Yet.

10. What was your favorite toy as a child? What happened to it? Marbles. I lost it :)

11. If you could paint your house ANY color you wanted and your friends, family & neighbors would love the color from the moment they saw it, what would it be? DARK RED? Okay, i know that's reaching too far -- I guess I'll just choose BRIGHT YELLOW.

12. If the Pillsbury Dough Boy got into a fight with Mrs. Butterworth who would win? And would anybody get hurt? And do we seem desperate even asking? What will they be fighting about, anyway?

13. What was the last thing you would guess that Kimber took a picture of? Oh. And consider the meme listed below. Click on it. It rocks. None. The hippo got Kimber's camera!

Tomorrow, please join us!
This is a GREAT meme...
This week features the lyrics of ELVIS!

5 pinky-swear friends shared a thought or two...:

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

Oh I lost my marbles long before you, I'm sure!! LOL

I am Harriet said...

Lost your marbles- good one!

Have a great Thursday!

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

The hippo breaking her camera was perfect! Thanks for playing...

Eric Alder said...

Your answer to No. 13 was the best one yet! LOL!

Ria said...

LUV lost your marbles!