a long distance call.

My mother called the other night telling me the results of her blood tests came through already and all was well and not to worry. She was diagnosed with Type II diabetes last year. For someone who has this debilitating disease, she was fairly amicable  (which is not often) and went on to talk about the doctors and nurses of Dr. Sofronio Garcia Memorial Hospital. She even said she doesn't like the word "Memorial" in the hospital's name, sounds like death she said. I laughed at her comment, I guess she was just trying to be funny.

According to her, the hospital ambiance is light,  and exclaimed that nurses seems to be wearing colored uniforms, unlike in her younger days. I mentioned that they are called scrub clothes now. "OK, like the T.V. show", she said. Well, boring white nurse uniforms has already lost its popularity and was replaced by patterned or solid colored uniforms in blue, pink or teal green scrubs and paired with surgical scrub hats in various designs to add color to a rather drab -- and stressful hospital scene. Nurse uniforms and supplies  has evolved into fun, fashionable yet efficient wear for health care professionals around the world. I hear her saying, yeah, yeah. And she went on for another 10 minutes ordering my life around long distance talking, and I realized that I love her. I hope we have still a lot of time together.

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welcome to my world of poetry said...

I had blood test last to determine whether or not I had diabetes, I got the all clear, also my kidneys are functioning ok, pleased to know your mother's blood test was ok too.
Regarding the word "Memorial" at the hospital
I feel the same way at the airport when the word "Terminal" is used,

Have a good day.