6 Degrees of Blogging

I just found a recently fun bloghopping idea via work, wife, mom ... life. Check her out for the rules.Basically you have to start from your own blog and pop into one of your interesting links, keep clicking into another blog until you reached 6th degree. Inform your chosen  blogger that they will be featured on your blog!

The Road Less Travelled-- I simply love her posts! Being a fledgling writer, learning along the way via blogging, I find her posts easy to read and very inspiring! Through TRLT, Vacant Mind hosted by Dan caught my eye and by reading, caught my heart. My 3rd degree is  Living Labyrith , a fairly new blog and I think there's more fun reading to come! Come and check Life Sure is a snoozefest ,too.  I love her profile and her posts and I'm sure you would, too! And Sensible Bakwas is quite interesting. Though I have to google "bakwas" which is an Indian slang for junk. And finally...

My Featured Blogger 
 A travel and photography blog that has simply great ideas and interesting posts!

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Amy said...

very cool! I decided to join in. Here's my post: http://movingonfromthedrama.blogspot.com/2010/04/6-degrees-of-blogging.html